Sydney Bareboat Hire with 4 hours training

We often have clients request a yacht who say they have some experience, they have done a course but not had much follow up experience. Simply they would like to refresh the skills they have learned, then take the yacht out on a charter.

We are happy to arrange for a skipper to facilitate a training session for you. This will include a briefing on the yacht, then a number exercises going over the ares you feel you need to brush up on.

Now the good news – we do not charge extra for this. Simply pay for the charter as normal, advise us you want a refresher course. We will have a few questions to make sure we provide the best training outcome for you.

Some skills we address:

  • Safe anchoring
  • Approaching a mooring bouy
  • Angles of wind and setting sails
  • Reefing Sails safely
  • Tacking and Jybing
  • The yachts key systems and management

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