Booking on-line – about our system

Liquid Edge Sailing School uses the REZDY booking system – and Internationally recognised and supported system. The advantage for us is it cuts down office time and reduces the risk of clerical errors (read double bookings, errors with dates and the like!). Most important it allows us to reduce our costs to you.

The system is simple, we do not require you set up an account or require useless steps just to do a course with us. If uncomfortable with the on line system or your internet connection cannot handle the requests (SSL encryption slows the process a little) just call us and we will process the old fashioned way.

We process payments via St George Bank



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Can I be sure your course will run

We run all courses irrespective of numbers so you can be sure of the dates you book. Some schools will cancel a course if numbers are not booked, we do not.

I have booked a course - can I change dates

Yes – most of the time. If you have used the booking form and then find within a few days you need to change things, just call us and we will modify your booking.

The closer it gets to the actual date, the more likely we have refused other business and are less likely to book new students. Best thing is to talk to us – we will try to fill your time slot without any penalty.

Can I pay via EFT?

Yes EFT payments are accepted. When you book may select this option, our EFT bank details are provided along with the option to pay a deposit or the full amount, it is your choice.

Can I pay via Credit Card?

Yes, we accept Visa or Mastercard, sorry no Amex. Simply select the credit card option, then work through the simple steps to complete the transaction. Your details are stored in a fully secured environment with SSL Encryption at every stage. No details are passed through the email system. You may elect to pay a deposit or the full amount. We do not charge your card until we have checked all the details you have provided are correct.

What happens after I have booked?

On booking, usually within an hour you will get a confirmation letter from us. It will have the details of the booking and the course. If you have made an error just contact us and let us know, we will sort it!

Once payment has been received, a second email will arrive with a link to course notes (available in PDF format) and details of the chapters we want you to study for your course.

Should I be concerned about web security?

We take web security very seriously. The REZDY system is integrated into our web site and fully secured at both ends using SSL Encryption.

Our site is secured with a firewall, and countries known for hacking (Russia, Turkey and more) have access blocked. Anyone trying to access our site by using “hacking bots” and other methods have their IP addresses blocked immediately.

No confidential information is stored on our local system.