Introduction to Sailing for Cruising

In this course module we head out onto beautiful Sydney Harbour and learn the fundamentals of sailing and yachts. Learn how to prepare a yacht for sailing, understanding the wind & weather, manoeuvring, rules of the road, knots and basic navigation underway. The course is run over two days (mainly weekends) from 9.30am to 4.00pm, stay on board overnight available. All students will have time on the helm (steering).

Course details:

Practical on water training

Day one, morning:

  • Introduction, overview and getting to know the yacht and safety
  • Proper use of lines, line handling for docking, knots we will use on the course
  • Daily operating procedures for yacht systems
  • Location of key systems and layout of a yacht, including water, waste…
  • Sailing instruments

Day one, afternoon:

  • Leaving dock, procedures, underway with motor
  • Underway with motor, basic motor skills
  • Observing key on water issues
  • Setting sail, correct techniques for raising sails
  • Using winches, trimming sails and yacht balance

Day two

  • Sailing theory
  • Setting sails and trimming for wind angles
  • Tacking – going about and jibing, when and how
  • When and how to reef (important)
  • Comfortable sailing
  • Anchoring (important)

In order for the course to be effective you will need to read our course notes – about 4 hours required. Notes delivered via PDF.
At all times we will be discussing the rules of the road, who gives way and who has right of way.

What to bring:
Lunch, sailing gloves and spray jacket. We have both available if you do not have any. If staying overnight, contact us to discuss.

This is one of the most comprehensive introductory courses on offer, it will give you the confidence to take a yacht out on your own. A certificate outlining experience gained will be provided on completion and you will have the comprehensive course notes to keep to remind you of the tasks we cover.

The Introduction to Sailing Course is the first Module in our training for cruising modules and forms part of the more advanced certificates such as the European ICC. If you wish to go further and proceed to any of these certificates you will only be required to complete the more advanced components as required by each course. Feel free to discuss the best pathway with us anytime.

Course runs over 2 full consecutive days and includes (optional) overnight stay on yacht. Instructor to student ratio 1:4. Couples only training available, please ask.

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