IYT International Crew Certificate

Our  IYT International Crew program involves 5 exciting days of sailing lessons on Sydney Harbour learning the basics of sail handling and steering. No prior sailing experience is required. Each day consists of 2 x 3 hour sessions with a half hour break at anchor in one of the many secluded bays around Sydney.

Feel the yacht lean into the wind as it accelerates and responds to the prevailing conditions. You will learn how to safely adjust the sails and enjoy the feeling of natures forces powering the yacht.

You will learn on our modern 37 ft Bavaria Cruiser which we had set up for training (see details here), on completion you will confidently step onto another yacht and know what all the parts are for! If you wish to stay on board for the duration you are welcome to – we stay in a sheltered marina where you can access the local shops, cafes and pubs.

This is a fun week of sailing – no experience required for this course.

The curriculum includes

  • Personal Safety
  • Ropework
  • Adjusting the sails
  • Wind and boat direction
  • Steering the yacht
  • Rules of the Road, who has right of way and when, making good decisions
  • Safe anchoring techniques
  • Reefing sails – why and when
  • Safe heavy weather sailing
  • Using a pole and preventer for safe downwind sailing
  • Teamwork
  • Using and managing a yachts systems, water, power, waste (black water, grey water)
  • Use of an Auto Helm
  • Use of instruments
  • Understanding advanced concepts such as apparent wind
  • Taking account of tides and currents

Included in the course is the globally recognised IYT International Crew Certificate. The final day there is a multiple choice written exam. On passing we will process the certificate which will be sent to you via the IYT headquarters.

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Student Ratios – why so important?

At Liquid Edge, we love teaching and want the best outcome for our students. All classes are conducted with a max of 4:1. This gives students more time learning each task. Our instructors all agree the 4:1 ratio is far superior to 5:1 – it simply makes sense!