Prepare to Charter a Yacht – Mono Hull

Chartering a yacht in say the Whitsundays or Europe should be the adventure and experience of a lifetime.

The Liquid Edge Bareboat Charter course is a two day course designed to prepare you to charter a yacht. This course will also enable you to charter one of our yachts as a Bareboat Charter at a discount to normal rates.

A bonus feature is you may elect to stay on board overnight to learn systems such as monitoring batteries, water tanks and experience anchoring with expert assistance at hand. You have your own private cabin. You will also have a better idea of what you will need while living onboard.

Many of us have heard stories of the trials and tribulations of those who have chartered yachts and encountered problems that have affected the whole holiday! This course is specifically designed to address the most common problems that you cannot hope to cover when you are briefed prior to a charter.

The course includes a 300 page PDF booklet and some check lists to help you plan for some time on a boat. You are investing in a holiday – spend a little more to ensure it is a good one!

We tow a dinghy at all times to replicate bareboat conditions – this is one the area many bare boat skippers get in to trouble with.

Day one, morning:

  • Introduction, overview and getting to know the yacht.
  • Daily operating procedures.
  • Location of key systems and layout of a yacht, including water, waste…
  • The electrical system – switches and breakers
  • Sailing instruments

Day one afternoon:

  • Underway with motor
  • Raising the sails
  • Tacking and jibeing – when, why how
  • Angles of sail relative to wind
  • Anchoring the yacht for the evening

Day two:

  • More on sailing techniques
  • More on underway with motor
  • Setting sails and trimming for wind angles
  • When and how to reef (important)
  • Comfortable sailing
  • Anchoring (important)

Pre requisites:

In order for the course to be effective you will need to read our course notes – the aim of the course is not to make you a seasoned sailor, but to provide you with the background to make good decisions on the water.


This is one of the most comprehensive courses on offer, it will give you the confidence to take a yacht out on your own. A certificate outlining experience gained will be provided on completion, and you will have course notes to keep to remind you of the tasks we cover.

Course runs over 2 full consecutive days from 9.30am – 4pm. Overnight may be spent on yacht at anchor where available. Couples only training available, please ask

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By combining the Prepare to Charter Mono Hull, Night Sailing, Navigation and Docking you will eligible for the IYT International Bareboat Skipper certificate or the ICC for Europe. No further exam required